Well, now that I have your attention, let us talk about the business here. Are the free bitcoins really free? Or do they have a hidden agenda or fee? A wise question if you ask me. Nope, there is no such thing free in the world.


Yup, everything and anything which we get is a result of the work and time we spend on getting it, even when you are playing a free online game they are not free actually, someone across the world is earning from our playing.


When there is an advertisement on free bitcoin, one may notice that they will ask you nothing other than watching a simple video or stare at a webpage for given seconds or to play some games. If you do it, ta-da you will earn some Sadoski (the millionth price in bitcoin). Let us see in detail here.

free bitcoin

Free bitcoin for video:-

One of the most popular and widely used technique is watching a video for Bitcoin. So whats the harm in it? There is nothing harmful about it. Instead, it has the greatest marketing strategy behind it. Trafficking is one and the only reason behind it.

What’s trafficking?

To make it simple and quick, trafficking is nothing but online advertisement which gives the watching person an idea about the product and a payment to the bloggers. It is a win-win situation exchange of a few pennies for the knowledge.

Free Bitcoin for staring:-

Well, there is no other way to explain it. When a webpage is opened on behave of free Bitcoin and we have to watch it for 15-60 seconds, there is much one can do other than staring. But that webpage may or may not be useful to the viewers, it solely depends on them.

Free Bitcoins for playing games:-

Yay, the most favorite way to earn money. I mean who will not be excited to play as well as win some money. But what is that point we miss here? For one, almost all the games which provide free money will be online. The longer you stay online and play, the longer their rating bar will be improved.

Secondly, the winners get to win the game well for the losers, it will be a bit better luck next time. But don’t worry it is not the losers who are their target it is the winners. Once you win a game next coming to the oral advertisement for the game and the chain follows on. An extra player in the arcade as well as the increase in rating a brilliant strategy with the free Bitcoin advertisement if you may ask me. But if there is no harm, then there is no foul. Earn some coins play some games enjoy the life.