CRM for banks – an incredibly easy method that works for all

The emergence of modern banks is closely linked to the actual development of commerce in general and the accumulation of capital in a country. Especially considering this, the expression of economic development is closely related to the main operations with commercial effects. In the present times, the place and role of a bank in the economy are tremendous and handling all the complicated process it requires became more difficult than before. The modern concept of economic development means that people do have to include technology in their daily routine in order to handle all the tasks they need to complete at the end of the day. This is the case of Customer Relationship Management programs in the field of finances. CRM for banks became the latest trend when talking about dealing with each and every client’s info. If an employee had to deal with all the paperwork manually, a bank would start to become truly inefficient, considering the volume of data that needs to be stored and managed.

If you are not familiarized with the concept of CRM, this type of software is used when you desire to manage your relationship with your business partners better. CRM solutions were originally developed to support customer relationships only, but in the meantime, they have become increasingly complex, integrating functions that allow not only managing contacts, but also the sales department and other aspects of operational management through one single, unified interface. You can learn more about it here: Banks could make great use of such a program and this is the reason why this article is going to present you the benefits and intricacies of using a CRM system. Read below the details related to this subject.

What criteria you have to meet?

There are some factors that you need to take care of before making the big decision of implementing a CRM system, especially if it is about CRM for banks, where the informational value is paramount. Here are some things you might want to ask yourself about the way processes and activities are being handled:

  • How you currently manage your customer relationships and sales activities in general
  • How many people will access the platform with customer information
  • What kind of changes you need to make in order to receive accentuated profitability in return
  • How urgent is the need for implementing such a system
  • What budget are you willing to invest in implementing it
  • How open the employees are to this idea

Of course, it is highly important to take care of the recognition and fulfillment of all customer wishes. Each loyal and satisfied customer will recommend the services he or she used to someone else and this way you are going to obtain full visibility. Knowing more details about a bank customer journey is essential, especially if you want to boost your bank’s sales. Now, this wouldn’t be possible if you’d be wasting time with complicated processes manually. After you’ve asked yourself all the questions mentioned above, you can start planning ahead the implementation of a CRM for a bank, if this is the case.

What benefits can it have in different sectors?

When talking about financial matters, there is no better option than implementing a CRM system. Imagine using a CRM for banks and managing to:

  • to attract and gain new customers;
  • to keep current customers and gain their loyalty;
  • to increase your turnover through additional and repeated sales to older customers;
  • to streamline the company’s marketing and sales processes;
  • to help with the teamwork and control of the company;
  • to achieve a 360-degree image in the customer relationship sector;
  • to manage relationships with clients easier than you ever did.

What vendor should you choose?

  • bpm’online

Bpm’online is one of the vendors that offer a full CRM solution, covering all the needs you may have regarding the financial sector. Besides giving you the opportunity to follow each customer’s journey up close, the CRM software of bpm’online also maximizes cross selling and up selling at their best. Even though you might consider handling each stage of the customer interactions quite impossible, this is one of the features offered by such program. In addition to all the benefits tracking customers’ journeys have, you can make sure all of the processes and activities implied are being taken care of automatically. Bpm’online is suitable for banks because it offers an amazingly user-friendly interface that all employees can understand once they start using it.

  • ReachEdge

ReachEdge is another CRM vendor that offers great solutions for the financial sector. Firstly, banks could make great use of their software in terms of lead management and response rate, the marketing automation type they are using (meaning that you can permanently check your leads and send automated marketing emails to prospects) and a very clear view of all the reports the bank may need to generate. Tracking calls, emails, chats and even form fill with each and every client that contacted the company is a must and most CRM software vendors do offer that.

  • Claritysoft

The same goes with Claritysoft. Besides being able to do what the other CRM programs can, it is also accessible from different types of platforms. The software they provide is powerful and easy to understand, intuitive and extremely flexible when it comes to task management. Streamlining sales with the help of a CRM solution is always easy, but with Claritysoft you can do that from anywhere, anytime.

Here are some factors you might want to follow when choosing the right CRM vendor for a bank: the program needs to be tailored to your specific needs and be able to approach client relationship management in all its valences; the program needs to be easily customizable and capable of integrating with other apps used in the past or future (ERPs, websites, portals etc.). Don’t forget that the main goal is not to define the technical specifications implied, but to integrate the concept and implement the software in your company easily to maximize your profits. Make your choice wisely.