There are several types of trading bots are available on the market. But every bot is different compared to other and there will be significant differences. Mainly the differences exist with respect to usability, portability, quality, and mainly functionality. Let’s look into some of the Bitcoin trading bots which are present in the market.

BTC Robot:

Among the Bitcoin bots for trading this is the earliest innovation. This bot is easy to install. Even for use it is very simple. But the thing is it follows algorithmic trading and the strategy which it is following is no able to perfectly predict the market. So, there will always be winning and losing trades. Even with this, many people have made substantial profits. This works in all major operating systems. But price if the bot for each platform differs.


This one is provided by HaasOnline in 2014. This is supported by majority of the Bitcoin exchanges like BTCC, Poloniex, and Bitfinex. Along with trading Bitcoin this even trades more than 500 altcoins for different exchanges. This is capable to analyze the information of the market on behalf of the trader but it demands some input when it comes to trade execution. This bot can be customized and it comes with few indicator tools. This bot can predict trend patterns which are not much valuable in Bitcoin trading success.

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This is an open source bot for trading for Bitcoin traders. Users are allowed to download the code and modify it when even needed. This works on all major operating systems. This allows modifications which can fit for every user. This not is based on artificial intelligence. That is it has capacity to execute high frequency trades.It can perform many crypto currency trades all at once. This is supported by exchanges of Bitcoin like GDAX, Gemini, Krakenetc


This is also an open source trading bot. Along with this it is a backtesting platform which supports many Bitcoin exchanges which are different. This allows traders to execute all basic trading strategies which are of type crypto currency. This bot can execute live orders; calculate indicators, and aggregate live data. Using historical data related to price, it can even simulate live markets. This helps in back testing strategies of trading. There are many plugins available for this bot and they help in updating irrespective of traders connectivity.

Compared to its peers, Gekko has limited functionalities. But it is a good bot for trading. Especially for beginners in crypto currency, it helps in testing automated strategies for trading.


This is cloud based bot for trading. This will trade crypto currency throughout the day irrespective of trader is sitting in front of computer or not. This bot is also comprised of external signalers which help experienced traders in putting the trade on autopilot. Even this bot offers back testing. Along with this it even offers trailing stop loss and trade by using many exchanges.