Special occasions call for a stylish look and a christening is no exception. Whether you are a guest or it’s your own little one who will be the main focus, there are plenty of different combinations to consider. Here’s what you can wear to a christening.

Dad or Godparent

If you have one of these roles in the christening then you need to be prepared for all eyes being on you when you stand up at the front to take part in the ceremony. There are two main options to choose from; navy or check.

A navy suit is a modern take on the classic look. It is highly versatile so you will be able to wear it as part of several different combos. A white shirt is a safe option, but you shouldn’t be afraid of mixing it up a little and wearing a patterned shirt. As for shoes, brown is the colour to go for when wearing a navy suit.

If you want to make more of a statement without taking the focus away from the start of the christening, a check suit is perfect. It should be worn with a white shirt so as to not make the ensemble looks too busy, but can still be paired with an interesting tie. Even Connor McGregor is a fan of the check, opting for a check outfit for his son’s christening.

As a guest

If you have been invited to a christening as a guest you have less expectation and more freedom with your outfit. You don’t have to go with a full suit, instead, a blazer and smart trousers would be a stylish alternative. If you don’t own a jacket, you should look into men’s designer jackets such as those found here https://www.ejmenswear.com/ to bring your outfit together.

As for colours, wearing a grey blazer with black trousers is a great way of looking smart without being too over the top. A white shirt will go best, but you can still make it a little different by choosing one with black buttons or other small details, along with a cheeky bowtie and lapel pin. Don’t feel restricted by colour, however, if you want to stand out there is nothing stopping you from rocking a pink blazer and waistcoat combo with those black trousers.