A Guide For Buying Professional Karaoke System

A karaoke machine offer homes a form of musical entertainment. It can also be a great bonding activity for families and co-workers. The word karaoke derives its name from the Japanese words ‘kara’ meaning ‘empty’ and ‘ookesutora’ or ‘orchestra.’ It traces its origin from Japan and the Philippines in 1970 as a party amusement. Planning to buy a professional karaoke system for your home? Here is a short guide to make the search less stressful.

Consider The Quality

Due to its popularity, karaoke machines can be bought in ready to set-up forms for use in homes. You can find quality machines in the market that can be installed easily. However, you need to do a little research. They are not something you can buy randomly. Watch out because there are cheap quality models as well and you may be robbed of your money. Do some reading first before buying.

professional karaoke system

Types of Karaoke Formats

Back then, the only available format for a professional karaoke system is CD. Now, you can buy them in other formats such as:

  • CD + Gs
  • DVDs
  • MP3 + G
  • Karaoke Cloud

Types of Karaoke Systems

There are also different kinds of karaoke systems:

Al-in-One System. If you are looking for a machine that you can easily set-up, all-in-one karaoke systems are your best option. This type of karaoke system comes with a player, mixer, amplifier, and connecting cables. Some have a display screen, microphone, and speakers. All-in-one systems are convenient to use and portable as well. However, the sound quality is inferior than a professional system.

Professional system with individual components.  These machines comes with four separate components: a player, powered mixer and amplifier, microphones, and speakers. The graphic display emanates from a laptop computer or television which can be connected to the player. With the separate components, the sound quality can be enhanced significantly.

Whether it’s an all-in-one system or professional, verify the format it supports. Make sure that it is compatible with your television or laptop.

Additional Points For Consideration

Here are some additional considerations when buying a karaoke system:

  • When buying powered mixers, look for models that allow adjusting to different audio signals and have at least four channels and an output of 400 watts.
  • Choose large speakers with excellent sound quality. Three-way PA speakers can be an excellent option. The overall output of the speakers should be more than the output of the mixer.
  • Go for good quality microphones. Look for wired or wireless models, depending on your preference.

If you are planning to bring your karaoke machine to parties and events, you will need a system that you can easily carry and tuck into the trunk of your car. Portable karaoke machines are self-contained units with their own speakers, amplifier, and monitor. The drawback of portable machines is that the sound quality and power may be compromised. Instead, go for a karaoke machine that can be connected to a home stereo system as they offer better performance.