Tips to apply for singapore international school and get accepted

Choosing the right school for the child’s formative years is critical to their long-term success. So, it is a concern for most parents, and many even take professional advice to avoid making a wrong choice. Bringing up a child is a demanding duty that requires a lot of patience. However, millennial parents sometimes find themselves unable to devote enough time to their children despite their best efforts. So, residential schools have become a popular choice for most parents as they provide a comprehensive education. Moreover, parents won’t have to worry about not being able to devote enough time to their children. So, many parents wish to apply for singapore international school.

Here are some tips for applying to a renowned international school and getting accepted.

apply for singapore international school

  1. Getting ready for the entrance exams

Almost all renowned international schools admit students depending on the results of the entrance exams. So, applicants must include the preparation of these exams in their schedules well before time. Parents should ensure that their child should be well-versed in the subjects appropriate to their age and class. Many of these entrance exams assess pupils’ mathematics, English comprehension, and reasoning abilities.

  1. Tackling the interview

Most international schools conduct face-to-face interviews with prospective students to assess their degree of confidence and attitude. As a result, parents can help their children prepare by holding practise interviews or talking with them to boost their confidence. So, it is another thing to keep in mind when someone is planning to apply for singapore international school.

  1. Learning about other cultures and being open-minded

When a child is accepted into one of the world’s finest international schools, they will be required to live with students from various origins, ethnicities, and nations. As a result, they must be adaptable to their new surroundings. The child should also adjust to new learning techniques and boarding life restrictions. There are many options for adjustment, and the more liberal the child is, the simpler it will be for them to adjust to hostel life.

  1. Learning to become independent

Students in residential international schools are expected to look after themselves. Of course, helping hands are available to assist them. However, kids must complete some responsibilities on their own. The task of preparing the child for all these situations fall on the parents.

A student is exposed to a completely different environment throughout their time at an international school. The real potential of a child is never realised unless they are placed in challenging situations. So, parents should follow the tips to help their child gain acceptance to top-tier international schools.