Test your predators with self-defense moves

Children must know self-defense in today’s world because there are many people out there who take children as an easy target as they are young, and it is important to stay alert and know what is coming for you next.

There are many self defence for children signapore. These centers teach you the moves with ease and help children learn techniques about how you could stay alert and how you could fight your fears.

Techniques for self-defense for children 

With some proper safety and proper techniques, you can cut the risk of you being harmed by anyone. Talking about prevention first, the best self-defense you could do is avoid the situation before it happens, whenever possible. Remember to make sure wherever you are; it does not matter if it is a part, a schoolyard, or the shopping mall; you need to be aware of your surroundings. Know what is around you and who is around you.

self defence for children singapore

One of the most important tools for self-defense is your voice. Through all the moves in a serious situation, you have to use a strong, serious, and powerful voice saying stop, help, and emergency. The followings are some of the techniques for self defence for children singapore:

  1. If you are grabbed from behind, it is obvious that both your arms are trapped, which could be very common. When someone grabs you, the first thing to do is use your voice by saying help, stop. From here, you will hook the back of the leg to prevent and make it hard for them to be mobile and move. Now, you will take any hand you have hit them on their legs and free yourself.
  2. As we already know, voice is important while you defend yourself but, what if someone covers your mouth? You need to bite their hands as hard as possible and run in this situation.
  3. It is important to know that it is important to keep yourself safe for self-defense purposes wherever you can hit. There are a few major and better points where you can hit to protect yourself. You want to focus on three major points: the groin area, the throat area, and the eyes. The eyes are sensitive and delicate no matter how big or strong you are; if you can get something in the eye automatically, your predator will be distracted.