performing CPRA CPR technique can be used to help a person who is not breathing and make them to stay alive until an emergency service like ambulance reaches the spot. When one knows to perform this technique, he will be able to save lives of many and he has to follow a few steps to do CPR for helping the sufferers. If a person whose breath is stopped should be performed this technique within a few minutes else, there are chances for their brain to die due to lack of oxygen supply to it.

It is most successful technique and you can learn CPR online  that can save more lives before an emergency arrives as it affects the people in a positive way when it is done quickly after the arrest. This treatment should be offered when someone becomes unconscious, unresponsive and also not breathing or occasional gasping of breaths. It is not necessary to check the pulse of a person, as sometimes it is difficult to check their pulse rate and thus it will be resulting in waste of time.

If you wish to guard people from losing their lives, then you have to know steps to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the steps involved to save them are as follows:

  1. The first step that is to be done while performing CPR is you should make a call to the emergency service or someone else who can take them to the hospital so that they can reach the medical center faster after the first aid treatment.
  2. Next, the sufferer has to be laid down on their back carefully and you have to make their airways to open. Make sure there is no obstruction like food or vomit inside their mouth and if any remove it.
  3. After that you have to check whether he or she is breathing by placing your ears next to their mouth and check for breathing sound. If no breathing, then start CPR but keep in mind you should not perform CPR when the person is unconscious but still breathing.
  4. Once you confirm that the person is not breathing, you have to clasp your hands one above the other and push his or her chest center just below the nipples. You have to perform 30 chest compressions in the rate of 100 per minute.
  5. After that you have to give 2 rescue breaths to the person, for that you have to tilt their head and their chin has to be lifted. Then you have to close their nose holes and place your mouth on theirs and blow such that their chest can rise.
  6. This step has to be repeated until the person has started to breath by themselves or help comes.