Math Academia The Best Sec 3 Ip Math Tuition

Math academia based in Singapore is a trusted organization in math education. Our course curriculum at Math Academia is created by expert tutors. Our course curriculum focuses on fundamental understanding, critical reasoning, and skills-building. Every course has challenges that help the students learn practically by solving them. These challenges are made by top IP schools. All our students can solve these challenges, and it also prepares them for future challenges. sec 3 ip math tuition is known for its work.

Our tuition classes are grouped by the school. Grouping helps in education syncing to all various IP schools, and this results in providing the best education that is best and latest to students. This also helps in providing a deeper knowledge of topics to our students.

sec 3 ip math tuition

Our main topics covered

The main topics for classes secondary 1 and 2 are

Algebra, trignomentry, mesuration

For grades 3 and 4, the topics are

Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, functions, calculus.

Our mathematics curriculum

Our curriculum is developed in such a way that it builds interest in students in learning so that they feel always motivated in learning.  We also focus on confidence-building. Once the students solve the challenges and understand the course fully, they feel confident.

We always welcome the thoughts of our students and encourage them to freely explain their ideas and thoughts on any topic. This helps in the growth of students and us. We use all the best mathematical tools that help in the course curriculum. We have all levels of reasoning that are specifically made for leveling the student’s growth. We are sec 3 IP math tuition because we provide all levels of math.

Our mathematical modeling process steps

  1. Real-world

Here we understand the problem and then create assumptions and models to simplify the problem and, in the end, represent the problem mathematically.

  1. Mathematical model

We select the appropriate mathematical method and use it with all the best mathematical tools and also with tools of ICT. Then we solve the problem and present the mathematical solution to it.

  1. Mathematical solution

Here we interpret the mathematical solution in the context of a real-world solution. and then we present the solution to a real-world problem.

  1. Real word solution

We present the real-world solution in the best possible way, and then we update the real-world solution if it requires improvement.

At math academia, we aim to deliver the best quality education in math to children and make them masters in math. Our ex-MOE teachers, experiment learning approach, and all resources made it possible to make the child master math.