Know about all the details of an O level course

DOEACC Scheme’s O’ level course is comparable to a Pre-primary level Application Software Course. This qualifier can be obtained by taking this course and passing the NIELIT investigation. After completing the ‘ O’ level course, students can continue to the DOEACC ‘A’ level class.

Career Opportunities

  • Junior Programmer
  • EDP Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • Lab Demonstrator


10+2 or ITI Certificate course (one year).


Students must devote half of the work time assigned to each module to practical sessions. For each hypothesis module, practical tasks are devised.


The project gives students more hands-on knowledge in handling a real-world problem by trying to apply knowledge and skills acquired in transpose in a given level of course. The construction assignment does not receive any marks for the ‘O’ Level College Course. However, to finish the course, you must submit a group project.

Validity of Registration

Candidates are permitted to take a maximum of 10 consecutive examinations to complete the o level course, beginning with the examination that the candidate is qualified to obtain, as noted in the letter of allocation of numberplate to the applicant.


Existing registrations will have their validity period stretched to the fixed term relevant to each level. To use this service, the candidate must apply for s new within one year of the expiration of their current registration’s validity period. The applicant will benefit from previously cleared papers when re-registering but will only be needed to clear the remaining papers.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are a few critical aspects of both the admissions process.

  • Applicants must pass their 10 + 2 schooling or have an ITI certificate after class 10, accompanied by an approved ‘O’ Level Course or the ‘O’ Level certification’s basic eligibility requirements. Alternatively, students enroll in ‘The O’ Level certificate program while in their third year of college of technology studies.
  • Students can transfer 10 + 2 and ITI Diploma after 10 + 2 for practical application, as long as they have a year of relevant experience. Students must pass the exam if they do not pass the Exam.

The DOEACC ‘O’ Tier computing course is designed for all those seeking government positions or who want to learn about web design. Educators must also take an A-level computer class that covers all aspects of computer science, and they must continue pursuing a regular degree. This is something that government agencies are aware of.