There are different prominent tests out there that are taken by a huge number of students every year. Do you have any idea that more than two million students from one hundred seventy five countries take this SAT every single year?

If you are going to be one of the thousands of students who would be appearing in the upcoming SAT exam then take it easy. You can do great.In case you are really scared of the test then you should join Sat exam course. Once you have joined a class, you would not face any challenges. You would be in a position to do the preparation in the most effective manner.

General understanding

There should always be first things first. It means you should read up on all the test basics! You should definitely know all there is to know about the test structure. If you don’t know the structure of the test, you would not be able to do well. Have a quick peep into the structure of this test:

  • The Reading Section: it is a 70 minute-section thathas one 20 minute-section and two 25-minute-sections encompassing passage-based reading. There would be forty eight questions along with and sentence completion having nineteen questions.
  • The Math Section: it is a seventy minute-section that has one 20 minute-section and two twenty five -minute-sections having forty four multiple choice questions and ten student produced responses.
  • The Writing Section: talking about this sixty minute-section, it has one ten -minute-section and two twenty five -minute-sections that cover improving sentences having twenty five questions, identifying sentence errors  that has eighteen questions and improving paragraphs  that has six questions), and one essay question.

You can easily score anywhere from six hundred to twenty four hundred, taking into consideration the above three eight hundred -point sections.   Similarly, you should always know what to take to test centre. Make sure that you carry your photo ID, an eraser and two pencils. Of course, it is a paper based test.

Organize the things

You have to organize the things once you are done with your understanding of different segments of the test.   Organization mean you have to make a routine, schedule or simply a time table that you would be following throughout your preparation. Once you have a proper schedule in hand, there won’t be any chance to getting off track.  You should prepare a good study schedule early on and then get started. Beginning your preparation as early on as you can is extremely crucial. There are even experts that suggest that you can begin with your preparation an years ahead of time that would be from your twelfth grade. Of course, it is a personal choice and you have to make a decision about it.


Thus, if anytime of your preparation, you find yourself stuck, you can always talk to the professionals at the best sat courses. It is the perk of joining a class for preparation. You can always crack the test with flying colours if you are ready for it!