There is nothing more intimidating than an essay topic and a blank page that looks back at you. Every writer, whether a student, writer, journalist, advertiser, teacher, etc., knows how difficult it is to start writing at some point in his career as a writer.

However, this should not be overwhelming if you start with a simple tool.

Before you begin suggestions that will become your essay or article, start with the “Message Card”. This process, known by various names, is often overlooked, but it is a valuable writing tool. This works very simply, and also allows you to quickly type words on this form. The advantage of this is that as soon as he begins to write, the brain begins to participate, so this process actually contributes to thinking.

Here’s how it works. In the center of this blank page, draw a circle and place the theme or essay app. Quickly, without hesitation, draw lines from this center circle to other circles and write the words or phrases that come to mind when reading the essay. They should not make sense or be well planned at this time. Just write them down. Draw as many circles as possible using phrases or words. Then stay away for a minute or two. Drink water, move, etc., but let the brain cool for a minute.

If you do it right, when you return to a blank sheet, you will spend only five minutes on this exercise and return to the springboard of ideas to start your essay. The good news is that you also allowed your brain and your subconscious to work on the essay directions until you even knew it. Something in one of your first circles probably stands out as more interesting than others. Repeat the circle process for this circle and add any ideas that apply to other circles in the first ring if they appear in your mind.

When you are done, you should find that you have a lot of ideas and relevant directions to start your cheap essay service. Taking the second ring of circular ideas, when they connect with the first, you will begin to see emerging patterns. Most of all you are interested in those that you should write. These are the moments from which you can make the most compelling arguments and suggestions. You might even want to keep some other ideas in your work in order to write them in the future.


You may have done this exercise in elementary school, but you probably have not used it for a long time. It is worth repeating some of the things learned in our youth, especially when they lead to the quick and efficient use of time for articles such as essays and essays in time.