Get trained in real estate law and ethics

It is essential to be aware of what is happening around us, and the best way to be precautionary against fraud in real estate and property dealing is by learning about the rules and laws of property rights. Learning about property rights is not a child’s play; sincethe law is itself a broad field, property rightsare a part of it that occupies a significant portion of it. If you want to train yourself in property rights, you must enroll in a training course in a certified institute to learn about it in depth and with ease. The property tax training courses are duly certified by the government.

Learning something more about the training course

Property rights area vast field of law and ethics. They’resusceptibleand have many articles, clauses, and sub-clauses under each topic. Therefore, it cannot be taught; it requires practiced personnel. When you enroll with us for the training certificate, there are three things that we ensure:

  • Our people- the staff and faculty involved in teaching- have over ten years of experience and are well-versed with Singapore’s property laws. They are competent people who can help you achieve your goal.
  • Our training philosophy- we believe that bookish knowledge is just a piece of learning, authentic; real learning comes when the same knowledge can be applied anywhere for practical purposes. Therefore, we provide our trainees with a suitable environment to help them understand better.
  • Our professionalism- we believe in training the futures of tomorrow; the trainees are not merely some people, but the future responsible citizens. We ensure the overall development of the trainee.

property tax training courses

Our facilities

A certificate course in property law requires many mock sessions to understand the laws and where they should be applied.

  • Ease of location- our training center is within the city’s vicinity. This makes it easy to be accessed by people, even those who can quickly locate the place who are in full-time jobs and don’t have much time to travel.
  • Flexible room setting- our interiors are set in such a way that they are flexible, can accommodate a good number of people, and the setting arrangement can be altered depending upon the population of trainees.
  • AV equipment- all our classrooms are well-equipped with advanced state-of-the-art sound and picture systems.

Whatever your reason is for pursuing the course of property rights, we ensure we’ll serve it right.