Everything You Need to Know About Student Care Holiday Programme

Students can learn about various cultures and get a deeper understanding of their distinctions with the help of the student care holiday programme. Students can practice outdoor survival skills first-hand on a camping trip. They can also strengthen their ability to work in groups, their social skills, and their willpower.

The English Vacation course simultaneously enhances understanding of Singaporean culture and English proficiency. Our holiday art program will inspire and expose students to all significant Singaporean art museums and classes. Students who go with their schools to other countries will learn about renowned universities worldwide and get first-hand exposure to top educational resources, including tech labs and science institutes.

Student Care Centers enable working parents to make case management for their school-age children by offering a spectrum of care for kids as they enter school. The student care program offers organized play, enrichment activities, and homework supervision for the kids.

student care holiday programme

Academic Progress

  • Supervised and direction for students’ schoolwork and spelling.
  • Customized Pro-Teach tuition materials created by knowledgeable and skilled curriculum experts.
  • Daily tuition courses for English, Math, Chinese, and Science follow MOE standards and curriculum.
  • Internet, multimedia, and IT enhance learning
  • through periodic examinations.
  • Every semester, progress reports are provided to track your child’s general development.

Moral and Social Growth

  • You can succeed! Building social-emotional character and teaching values
  • Teacher and student bonding activities called Care & Share
  • Through visual cues, music, skits, journals, etc., moral and social education is provided
  • current events information about noticeboards
  • Outdoor pursuits and creative learning initiatives
  • Strong connection: Pro-Teach: The Child, the Parents, and the School Personnel

School Care Division

For preschoolers and elementary school-age children, Master Hand offers during-school care as well as educational services. We provide children with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to study and finish schoolwork. Working parents may be confident that their children will receive top-notch care and supervised supervision in our alternative learning environment.

Our teams of devoted educators are trained to instruct and mentor students in various academic areas. Each student receives a lesson schedule to assist in organizing their time at the center and improve their academic performance. Additionally, they are given worksheets and assessment booklets to aid their academic growth and give parents crucial feedback. A customized lesson plan is created for each student to help them organize their time and produce their best work. Periodically, social events are planned to promote networking and balanced learning.