Pre-employment tests: Understand its significance

Success of a company and an employer depends completely upon the reliability and quality of its employees. Hence, employers are required to invest a good amount of time and money in the interview and recruitment process and not neglect or avoid it. By doing this, the entrepreneur and the management can be rest assured of selecting only the best candidates for any given position.

Screening candidates

When screening potential employees is concerned, pre employment exam is considered to be the ultimate than any other tool available. Such tests help to measure KSA (Knowledge / Skills / Abilities) of the candidates. In this context, employment tests are generally automated tests or written exams. It also includes personality tests, interviews, psychological tests, skill tests, medical examinations, performance tests, agility tests, etc.

Proper hiring process

It is important for every HR to ensure that the hiring process is designed properly to evaluate the candidate’s skills, knowledge and the potentiality to excel in the job. However, a poorly developed one will only end up recruiting bad candidates and the outcome can prove to be detrimental and expensive. This is because the recruitment will also include training costs, increase employee replacement, legal exposure and decreasing overall productivity.

Benefits for the organization

pre employment exam

Efficient assessments that are incorporated in the hiring procedure are likely to provide the origination with immense benefits. It does help to determine if the employee is able to meet the specific criterion set to maintain high productivity. Similarly, such tests when held will also reduce expenses and those time consuming steps as it narrows down the choices significantly. The results from the tests will help the HR to select those candidates who are found fit and eligible for the job-description. With improvement in job fitting, the scenario also leads to increase in employee retention for longer time period. Moreover, well developed testing process can present the company with a more positive and professional image, while reducing hiring complaints.

Benefits for the job applicant

Even though employment tests have been considered to be a tool to protect employers, it also is useful for the applicants. The applicant without appearing for this test will be only wasting his/her precious effort, energy, time and money while preparing for the new challenges and responsibilities to be undertaken in the new job. The test provides him with a clear picture of what the job is all about and if he is capable of it or not.

Some limitations

Hence, its benefits are termed to be endless. But the employers are to understand that the tests do come with its limitations. For example, the written tests will measure skills crucial for job description which is applied by the candidate. Hence, the employers are to design carefully the employment testing program. Improper creation of the process will only leave behind a discriminatory impression upon the applicants and it is something that is to be avoided at all times. There are present various companies online that offer top rated customized testing tools.