If you need to send a parcel, the best way to pack it can be a little confusing. Which materials do you use? Where can you buy them? What if the parcel is large or an awkward shape? Sending a parcel is a responsibility. You need to ensure that the recipient receives an undamaged and pristine item, especially if they are a customer of your business. Next time you need to send a package, here are some tips to help make life easier:

Where to buy the materials

Packaging materials can prove expensive, especially if you have a lot to send. To save money, ask local retailers if they have any spare boxes you could use instead of them being thrown away. Remember they need to be sturdy and strong enough to carefully contain whatever you are posting. Remove any stickers or labels to avoid confusion. Measure any items you have to post before buying materials, so you don’t waste money on items that are the incorrect size.

Re-use where possible

Think about whether you have any packing materials that are suitable for reuse. It’s fine to reuse bubble wrap and foam chips for cushioning, as long as they remain in good condition. Be sure that none of your items are touching inside the box if you are sending more than one item in one delivery. Give your parcel a gentle shake before sealing and if there’s any movement inside, you need more cushioning. When reusing boxes, make sure they aren’t damaged and still strong on the sides and bottom.

Fragile and bulky

For sending fragile or bulky items, you’ll need to take extra care. Any sharp corners could damage packaging, so must be well-covered. A clever tip is to pack the item in a box within a box and place padding between the two boxes to prevent inner movement.

Another useful material for fragile item packing is corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is thicker and offers a higher level of protection. Check with your courier to see if any fragile items are exempt from damage compensation and make sure anything of this nature is extremely well protected. For a Same day Courier Service, visit ALLABOUTFREIGHT.

Right size box

If you use a box that’s too big, you risk the contents shifting in transit and getting damaged. Too small, and the box could break, spilling the contents. Therefore, it’s essential to get the correct size. The perfect box should be slightly larger than the item and capable of comfortably taking its weight. For very heavy items, you might want to consider placing the box inside a wooden crate.


You will normally require a tape slightly stronger than Sellotape when it comes to sealing your parcel. Parcel tape or any reinforced tape is the best choice. Don’t just place tape over the top, but also tape up corners and edges for added security.