Things to keep in mind while selecting an RV roof air conditioner

If you are RVer, you must already know an rv roof air conditioner is essential to keep your RV cooler in summer and make your trip comfortable.

So, if you are looking for an ac unit for your RV, there are various choices in the market to choose a rooftop AC for your RV, and we know choosing the best one for your RV for comfortable camping is a daunting task. So, to make your job easy, we have come up with some pointers that will help you in selecting the perfect RV ac unit for the rooftop of your RV.

First, let us tell you the working of RV rooftop ac and why it is best suited for your camping trip in summer.

How does an RV roof air conditioner work?

The RV rooftop ac removes the inside warm air and pushes the cool air through air vents into your RV. Hence it will eliminate the heat inside your rig during summers and make your trip cooler.

Things you should know for selecting the best RV roof air conditioner

Type of RV ac air conditioner

There are two types of RV ac units – ducted and ductless. If you install a ducted, you will be able to install multiple ACs in your RV when needed as it is wired into your rig and uses a thermostat on the wall; it removes the air from the ceiling, floor, walls and floor.

If you choose ductless ac, the warm air will be forced out from smaller areas through multiple vents.

Check the space

RVs have limited space, so check the height and size of your ac when you choose the ac for your RV. You can go for a rooftop RV ac unit for a taller rig, and for a smaller rig, you can opt for a regular roof air conditioner.

camper ac unit

Check the BTU (British thermal unit)

BTU is a unit to measure the cooling capacity of air conditioners, which means the more the BTU, the cooler is your RV. The higher BTU ACs can be expensive, so choose according to your need and budget. The average BTU range that will fit RVs could be around should be around 13,500 BTU.

Energy efficient

You should check how much energy is required; it is best to be energy efficient.

Reviewed Brand

Well, choosing a reviewed brand that many people trust is always the best way to select the best for your RV.


The price of RV ac units varies depending on the style, type of unit, heat pumps, and BTU profiles they have, so compare the prices of different brands with features you are looking for and choose which suits your budget.

So, these are some pointers that we hope will help you select the perfect RV roof air ac.