An Information Technology (IT) task that is being provided by a third party contractor and then it is delivered to the customer, this is known as the managed IT services.

The managed IT services include:

  • Server management
  • Database management
  • Web portal management

   What is the importance of managed IT services?

  • Helps in strategic planning of the IT: these services help you look into the IT department. It is being ensured that all your infrastructure and the software is kept updated and to avoid the risk of crashes or viruses.
  • There is an alignment in the outcomes of the organisation: the IT company does their job well, they help you minimize the problems that may be caused for your organization.
  • The IT experts help you be at ease: you may not be an expert at IT but the managed IT service providers do their job well so that you can focus entirely on your business.
  • The proactive support: the managed IT services offer proactive support, before there is any problem they will try detecting it , thus keeping your systems secure and the problems away.
  • The complete IT out source: with the help of the managed services you will get the full access to the department of IT.


The keys in the implementation of the managed IT services:

  • Total cost of IT analysis: this step is important since it will help you look into the real cost of IT for your organisation. The down time must also be kept in mind and calculated. If you are down for a few hours a day then according to that what will be the worth to your organisation with respect to your team’s daily wage?
  • The potential of the company needs to be identified: after completing the total IT cost analysis, you will have to choose a good managed service provider who will be able to cater to all your requirements. An audit should be requested for, this will basically involve an IT professional giving you an entire review of the entire IT infrastructure, systems and the software.
  • In order to complete the on board process you need to choose a good managed service provider: when on a search for a good service provider, make sure you see that they meet all your requirements. Here are a few questions you need to keep in mind while searching for a service provider;  Can they help you with improving the efficiency of the IT? Will they help you increase the productivity and decrease the down time?

 What are the benefits of the managed IT service provider?

Gives business owners and the IT  staff an affordable computer support. They also help in keeping your business on track.