Buying a Franchise in Ottawa: Advantages and Disadvantages

Franchising is when a businessperson owns the trademark for his company and allows other businesspersons to run another establishment that utilizes this trademark at a cost. When you buy a franchise in Ottawa you will get to use the original business’ name and use their principles and operations to run your new business. The franchisor will typically give you an outline of how the business is supposed to be operated and you will sign an agreement to abide by this. When you make a profit then you will make payments to the owner of the franchise.

Acquiring a franchise of course comes with its benefits and its setbacks. Here is a list that outlines the benefits and shortcomings of buying franchise businesses.


  1. You will get support from the franchise owners throughout the years of operation of your business. They will guide you through the process of setting the business up and getting it running successfully. As a matter of fact, a great number of franchise operations will provide you with all the necessities for the operation of the business including the tools that you will use, the goods and the materials; they will also provide training in all facets of the business. They will help with employee training and also administrative training which will help you to promote and operate the business successfully. Throughout your ownership you might not need to mull over things like advertising strategies because the franchise head typically takes care of this and you can make use of this to earn more for your business.
  1. You are less likely to fail when you acquire a franchise in Ottawa. Based on the statistics, starting your own business from scratch will be a lot more difficult than running a franchise. New businesses have a high failure rate and are shown to be very difficult to operate within the first few years of their inception. Franchises on the other hand have a high success rate and are much more likely to survive in the first few years. This is because franchises are businesses that are already successful and the persons who operate it will guide you in replicating this success.
  1. Franchises in Ottawa are typically massively profitable and you stand to gain from this. If you are working with a brand that people already recognize and trust, you will get support from the already loyal customers. Franchises typically have already taken a stronghold on their market which will lead to high traffic of customers and quick sales.
  1. You stand the chance of having to spend less money on inventory because the franchise will typically buy these for you from the supplier. Since the franchise will buy these in large amounts then you will get them at a much cheaper price than if you were running your own small operation.


  1. You will have less of a say in the operations of the business. With franchises they already come with their own operation process and they willwant you to stick to it. If you are a business owner who values their independence then you might find this hard to deal with. Some franchise owners are very hands on and like to be in full control.
  1. You will continuously have to pay fees and other costs to the franchise owners. There will be a few costs that you will have to cover and this will carry on for the entirety of your business ownership.
  1. If you are thinking of buying a franchise then you might have to pay a large sum to acquire the business. Franchises are typically very costly and so you will have to consider financing options if you do not have a large sum of money for the purchase.

You will need to go through the same procedure when buying a franchise as you would do any other business in Ottawa. You should do your thorough research as always and know what exactly you are getting yourself into. Visit online platforms and scroll through the business for sale Ottawa list to find a business that you like. Once you find a franchise that suits you perfectly then you might be well on your way to great profits and a wonderful career.