Best Discount Trading Platform for New Traders on the Market

Making money is not a dream; it is an occupation for many people on the market. It needs the full participation of the trader with his competent trading platform. The risk is always present and there is every chance the person will lose everything that he invests before the day is out.

Choose broker with a good trading platform

The first thing that affects his trade is the choice of the trading broker. The trader can either choose a full service broker or a discount broker. The fee structure differ, the services offered change between these two.

When choosing the broker the trader must think about whether he will trade more or trade less. Depending on whether he is a day trader or a season trader and the number of trades he makes in a day, he must choose the broker best suited for his purpose. He must choose from the Top 10 stock brokers in India so he is sure to get a good deal from them.Top 10 stock brokers in India

List of top discount brokers

Among the top discount brokers in India we have the following:

  1. Wisdom Capital
  2. Zerodha
  3. RKSV
  4. SAMCO
  5. TradeJINI
  6. SAS Online
  7. TradePlus Online
  8. Trade Smart Online
  9. Ventura Securities
  10. Fyers

Among these, the account opening charges is zero for Wisdom Capital. The brokerage in NSE in all segments is also zero. The other three charge Rs 20 per trade. The account opening charges for Zerodha and RKSV is Rs 200. The top full service brokers are given here below:

  1. ICICI Direct
  2. Sharekhan
  3. Angel Broking
  4. Ventura Securities
  5. Motilal Oswal
  6. HDFC Security
  7. Kotak Securities
  8. Reliance Money
  9. Zeroshulk
  10. Edelweiss

It is of no use joining the top broker if you have no trading knowledge. So, it is advisable to join an institute where they teach you the tricks of trading on the market. You become an expert if you study in depth and then you will always make a profit in all your trades. Pick your broker first from the list of the Top 10 stock brokers in India.

Factors to consider when choosing the broker

However, there is no specific time or stock you must pick to make your investment. The entire thing depends on what the market is at the moment. All the traders try to find the brokerage that has an efficient research team for advising them. The other things that matter are the day trading cutoff time. One must choose the trading platform that is simple to understand and use.

The broker must allow linking to the bank so you do not have to open a separate account to do the trades. But, the first thing to see is the brokerage. You can see that Wisdom Capital is offering zero brokerage.

The last thing one must see is whether the trading platform is net based or software based. If it is software based, you can download it to your system. If it is net based, then you must negotiate behind the company firewall where you plan to operate the system.