Today, earning money has become a very important factor. People after their graduation; join the leading concerns to earn money. Some of them try to switch companies to learn modern technologies where as some stay satisfied with one. When it comes to money, people are willing to work irrespective of the location of the workspace. They are ready to travel long distances every day and do not complain. It is important that these employees who work for the betterment of the company are not pressurized or deprived of basic amenities. Today, many cubicles or cabins are isolated which is the major cause of business failure. Employers expect their employees to put in their best, but fail to notice their focus. Segregated workspaces discourage collaborative work and will foster competition than teamwork. This results in high-stress work, benefiting neither the employees nor the companies. Many progressive companies like Face book, Google etc., are moving towards working in shared workspaces, open spaces and several other amenities that increases collaboration.

Collaboration to thrive

Today, workplaces or companies value individuals and not groups. This makes it worse when departments rank employees and award individuals. This makes others to compete among one another. Collaborative workspaces give teams the opportunity to work with each other and strive towards a common goal. This removes the hatred that one can have on the other person and the employees are relieved of stress to compete. Collaborating with different people with different skill sets will help in getting innovative ideas. This is because, people love to talk and discussing problems with colleagues can make people solving problems from a different angle. Shared spaces make the place stress free and energetic. This will in turn show a positive curve in the annual report. Sitting in the four corners of the cubicle will do no motivation or drive. Working in a team with employees who motivate each other is important. There are many websites that rent workspaces. People looking for workspaces can just login into the website and book depending on the number of people. The bridgeworks website has many options to choose and they provide memberships as well. Work spaces can be booked for a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Online bookings

When a collaborative workspace can change the way employee look at work, of course they can have a significant impact in the growth of the business. The membership is flexible and much cheaper than the regular office. They provide 24/7 internet access, free printing, 6-7-hour conference room, free tea and water, good parking lots, networking and events, mailboxes and all other utilities. All these services vary depending on the membership availed. For example: The highest membership will have all the utilities provided by the website including dedicated desk facility. With coworking spaces, people can even get a dedicated desk if they do not want to work in an open cubicle. Companies should consider how important the mindset of people working in their concern is. It is just a click away to book a work space in the available online source.