What is an air-waybill?

Also known as AWB or Air Waybill is a record that documents goods shipped by international air couriers and delivers precise data about the cargo so that it can get tracked. The invoice has several documents for every party involved in shipping. The AWB gets also referred to as the air consignment note and is a kind of tab of lading. Nevertheless, it performs the same function as a bill of lading, but it gets issued in a non-negotiable format. In other words, AWB has less security against bills of lading.

What is the importance of the numbers on air waybill?

  • The first three numbers

It is the prefix for the airline. A three-digit number gets assigned to individual airlines by the International air transport association. You can recognise the airline from the IATA index based on the first three numbers.

  • The following seven numbers

These numbers get referred to as running numbers with one number for every assignment.

  • The last digit

The seven serial numbers get divided by seven. The remainder is the last digit. For this reason, the last digit of the air waybill digit is always between 0 and 6.

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What are its functions?

  • It acts as proof

The AWB acts as a receipt for the carriage of goods by the airline. This proof is a non-negotiable record that guarantees the safe and secure delivery of the cargo and avoids or eliminates tampering. Air waybill numbers make it easy to get up-to-date information on your shipment.

  • It is the basis of information and communication between two parties

It acts as a document containing data about crucial elements such as date, address and contact details, making the procedure faster and smoother. Both the recipient and the sender can follow the shipment.

  • It gives you the proper description of the goods

Volume, weight, size, and other such data will get explained, more specifically, and in detail on the air waybill. It also helps manage slots and space. The types of products shipped get also listed on the AWB.

  • You get easy shipment tracking

Technology has grown, and the freight industry has seen a shift to e-Air WayBill to import shipping guarantee, safety and on-time delivery. In addition, the e-Air Waybill makes it easy for parties to track and track cargo.

With Air waybill endorsementidentifying and tracking shipping locations, product status, and delivery has become seamless and comfortable for every party. Thus, the transition from paperwork to more digital methods is contributing to the development of the air cargo industry.