7-Seater MPV Singapore – Difference Between SUV and MPV

Automobile manufacturers use a variety of terms to describe their vehicles, so it’s no surprise that some of the names and acronyms are often misunderstood. The fact that some types of cars, such as the station wagon, estate car, or shooting break, have different names depending on the manufacturer and the country you’re in adds to the confusion. For many people, the question that is most confusing is: what does SUV stand for, and what are the difference between it, an MPV, and a crossover? Knowing the definitions of the various terms used to describe cars can make finding a new one a lot easier, so here’s a rundown of the differences between SUVs, 7 seater mpv singapore, and crossovers.

What is the meaning of MPV?

MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, and these vehicles are also known as minivans or people carriers. The Volkswagen Type 2, used to be the car that was known as the hippie van in the 1960s, and was the first of the MVPs of an MPV, long before anyone thought of calling them that. Three rows of forward-facing seats, sliding passenger doors, and a top-hinged rear tailgate were all standard features on this modern MPV. The modern MPV is primarily intended to transport a larger group of people in safety and comfort. Most models can accommodate between five and seven people, as well as luggage. To provide more headroom and ease of access, they are usually taller than the average family saloon car, and they are usually front-wheel drive. MPVs have a short, aerodynamically shaped hood and a short, aerodynamically shaped body. MPVs come in a variety of sizes.

7 seater mpv singapore

Why are MPVs good?

MPVs are also more fuel-efficient than SUVs in general. Many MPV models remain popular among families and those who require sensible, cost-effective, and practical vehicles, despite their popularity waning in recent years due to the rise of SUVs. The basic principle for a people carrier has remained the same across the board, as it has for any car segment, but design and features have been greatly refined over the years to add even more style and driving quality.


Every MPV is unique in terms of boot space and interior flexibility. Seats can be flipped, stowed, and folded to meet your specific needs. Do you need to get some furniture, bicycles, or golf clubs? You’re covered with an MPV. The back seats can be folded down to get enough space to take on a minivan.

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