4 Tips on Creating Business Videos for Legal Firms

Video marketing is an integral part of marketing campaigns today for almost any industry today. And that includes legal firms as well. If you are waiting to secure an edge for your legal firm online, combine video content with textual content for boosted results. You can embed the video in your company website and you can even upload it on your business social media profiles.

The post below offers some pro tips for creating business videos for legal firms.

Know the different types

There are three types of videos you can create for the promotion of your legal firm. One is brand video where you will highlight your firm and discuss the specialty or expertise of your service. If your firm offers anything exclusive that’s not extended by your competitors, include that in the video.

The second one is educational or FAQ video. Such videos impart knowledge on the common queries clients may have from a lawyer. For example, let’s say your firm specializes in criminal cases. In that case, you may have your potential clients asking on the steps to follow after one has been slapped with a criminal charge. Check out the most common search queries regarding your industry online and then cover those topics in your video.

The third one is testimonial video. Such videos have your previous customers to do the talking on your part. Testimonial videos are a great way to leverage the credibility of your law firm before potential clients.

Use professional tone

You should maintain a professional approach throughout the video. However, the word “professional” here does not mean completely hard-core, cold and clinical. People rush to lawyers when they are in dire distress. Thus, apart from legal representation, they also seek compassion and moral support from their lawyers. Make sure your video is able to reflect your compassionate attitude so that the viewers feel comfortable to approach you.

Keep it brief

If you want your video to be watched, keep it brief. The ideal duration for any business or marketing video is around 2 minutes. The FAQ videos may take a longer time but these should not be more than 3 minutes. Otherwise, you can divide the FAQ video into two short halves to make them lighter for your viewers.

Convert in a popular format

When you create a video for your law firm, you certainly want your audience to watch it. But to ensure everybody can watch it, you have to make sure your video file is compatible with all browsing devices and operating systems. For example, a video shot on your desktop may not open up on a smartphone given its large size. Thus, after you create the video, you should convert in a widely supported format. A video converter program will come handy here. Movavi Video Converter will be a reliable solution here. The advanced software is able to convert video at blazing speed and also supports 180+ media formats & 200+ mobile devices. Check more about Movavi video converter here www.movavi.com/videoconverter/.

Finally, don’t forget to test your video at least twice before uploading it on your website or social media.