Hyundai Sonata is the latest innovation of technology and is having sophisticated design. This is one of the most powerful designs, which is going to add many stars to your style and personality. If you are looking for this sophisticated and mesmerizing car, then visit Houston Hyundai Sonata dealers to get hand on it.

Exterior features

  • This coupe is having two options for sunroofs so that you can get afresh dose of vitamin D every day. You get option to either tilt and slide sunroof or enjoy sunshine with panoramic sunroof. Choice is all yours. Sunroof opens wide enough so that you get a wide view of the clouds or beautiful night without any obstruction.
  • Hyundai Sonata is having ports appearance and many people are going to die for it. There are side rocker panels, front grille and rocker panels with chrome molding, 17 inches alloy wheels and much more.
  • Automatic switches from high to low or low to high beam when an incoming vehicle is dedicated. You do not have a stylish car, but smart too.

Houston Hyundai SonataInterior features

    • Leather wrapped steering, 8-inch navigation touch screen with rearview camera, power lumber support, adjustable ventilated power driver seat and much more to add more comfort while you drive.
    • Huge passenger space as compared to any other coupe in this class. There is enough space to adjust five passengers comfortable and your luggage will fit in easily.
    • There is a class exclusive feature added that is rear side sunshades integrated into door panels. These designs can block sunlight and adds privacy feature.
    • There is a heated rear seats and steering feature that will provide comfort in the cold weathers. Heated seat cushions provide warmth when it is extreme cold outside.

Safety features

Safety features are the most important concern of any individual driving on the road. Hyundai Sonata has taken safety features to a next level and you can feel extremely safe while on the road because this coupe is having everything that keeps you alert and warned in case you are driving out of the rules.

  • Automatic braking in case of emergencies
  • Lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot detection future
  • In case you get outside your lane without giving signal, then there is a lane departure feature that warns you
  • Automatic high beam assist
  • Sensors for rear parking
  • Knee airbag
  • Electronic brakes for parking

Why Hyundai Sonata?

There is not one or two reasons why Hyundai Sonata. It tops in affordability, is the top 2015 model, and is among the most popular sedans. You can use all your Smartphone apps on your dashboard. This coupe is a perfect example of a modern technology and is having beyond imagination features. Houston Hyundai Sonata is available at your service and you can buy all the new and old models of Hyundai Sonata. You are also going to get plenty of deals that will make your investment more pleasing.