Honda motors are one company that needs no introduction in the automobile market. The company has been a big hit globally since the day it was launched. Honda has been proving to its name and popularity till date and is always successful in surprising public with its technological advancements and design experiments. Be it a sedan, an SUV or a two-wheeler, Honda customers always stay happy and satisfied with their automobile. Honda, because of its popularity has unsurprisingly made its way to Auto Expos every year. People stay excited about the displays that the company has in store for them every year and gladly welcome any new innovation that Honda offers.

One of the most interesting products that the public is waiting for is the new Honda Activa 5G. As the name itself suggests, activa 5g is the fifth generation of the Honda activa family and is the most celebrated one too. There have been certain remarkable changes and improvisations that Honda has made in the activa’s new version. Read below to know further:

  • Activa 5g is a new version of Honda’s popular activa 5g was launched this year with many changes that were well accepted by the public and were even much appreciated. The 2018 model was available in two shades mainly when initially launched. The improvisation to the headlights, deeper and bigger under-seat storages, LED lamps and some other minor changes.
  • The 2019 model is expected to not have much of a price difference, along with some minor changes as compared to the 2018 activa 5g model. Honda, living up to its reputation for not making drastic changes to its scooters’ design, is expected to keep the upcoming 2-wheelers design similar to the older one. The metallic body which is the classic for a Honda 2-wheeler sustains. This metallic touch to the Honda body is one of the major reasons behind its success.
  • The millage and the engine provided in the newer version prove to be much better when compared to the other scooters of its range. Activa 5g is also expected to have more whistles and bells than any other scooter near it. Honda considers India to be its one of the biggest markets where it is this successful. Most of the moderations made in the products are made keeping in mind the markets that boost up their profits the most.
  • When the scooter was launched in 2018, Honda took out two kinds of variants of the product. One was referred to as the Deluxe version while the other was the Standard one. The former has some extra features such as the electric odometer and a switch at the front of the activa. The price difference is almost around 2000 INR.
  • The best part of the activa is the same engine that is going to be used in it which has been tried and tested. The special features that were added this year such as the LED lamp heads, cluster analog and digital, daytime LEDs and also the badge reading 5G.

Honda activa 5g 2019 is expected to be a big hit the same way its predecessors had been. Honda has always served the best in class and range, leaving its customers happier.