Coe Renewal Brand New Vehicle Singapore: Ultimate Guide

The right to own and operate a vehicle in Singapore is granted by a Certificate of Entitlement (COE). If the qualifications are met, you could choose to renew your vehicle’s COE when it expires. If you want to retain your vehicle registered, you must renew your COE when it expires. The car must be delisted and disposed of elsewhere. You must extend your COE before it ends, or pay a late renewal fee within one month after its expiration date. This is the page for you if you’re seeking COE renewal brand new vehicle Singapore.

What is COE renewal?

You first must apply for a COE before you can register an automobile. During the open tender exercise held twice a month, you may bid for a COE. LTA will release the automobile allocation of COEs accessible for each classification before the beginning of each auction activity. You can license a car and operate it for ten years after receiving a COE via the tender process. You could choose to deactivate your car at the conclusion of the ten-year COE term or renew it by collecting the PQP for your vehicle category.

You may be entitled to refunds from the remaining amount of your COE if you opt to deregister your car before its COE expires. This is how exactly COE renewal works. You can even COErenewal brand new vehicle Singapore in the same way!


The reduced upfront cost is by far the most important explanation why automobile owners prefer to extend their COE rather than purchase a new vehicle. Unlike purchasing a new vehicle, where you must bid for a brand new COE and charge the full amount of the vehicle, including the interest rate on a car loan, COE renewal just needs you to pay the PQP  This figure is based on the rolling average of COE rates over the previous three months. Owners who desire to extend their COE can do so for a period of five or ten years. Consider how very much further you plan to drive your automobile before choosing on the term of the renewal.

You can actually obtain credit from a banker to renew your COE, in case you didn’t know.

Final words

We hope this article helped you better understand the whole concept of COE renewal of a brand new vehicle in Singapore.