Ifn Singapore Approach For Stroke Treatment Singapore

Ifn Singapore is a stroke recovery and rehabilitation facility run by renowned functional neurologist DR. Randy Beck. who is a pioneer in the field of neuroplasticity?

Under his extreme care, the patients’ care is done. He has authored several foundational textbooks and won several awards for his work. He is continuously driving research and education in the field. The application of neuroplasticity expertise makes us stand apart from other stroke recovery and rehabilitation programs in Singapore. We are known for stroke treatment singapore.

How we approach

  • Map your brain

We use qEEg technology to create a map of your brain function. We also conduct physical and mental treatment.

  • Understand it.

We have unique expertise in the ability to create deep insights from your brain to understand the effect of your stroke. What is causing your symptoms such as impaired speech, movement, and cognitive function?

stroke treatment singapore

  • Rewire it.

The insights determine your post-stroke neuroplastic program. It is a way we stimulate our brain to drive the recovery of motor and all cognitive functions.

  • Remap, evolve, and repeat

By re-mapping your brain after each post-stroke, We can show how our brain has responded. We then use this to continuously drive your recovery to achieve your physical and mental goals.

 All common stroke facts in Singapore

  • Stroke is the cause of disability In Singapore and it is the 4th leading cause of death.
  • There are almost 9000 new stroke cases in Singapore each year. Approximately 26 new cases are diagnosed every day.
  • 63% of stroke victims acquire some form of disability that would still be present after months of illness.

Stroke recovery and neuroplasticity

Our neuroplasticity is rewiring the brain. It is the brain’s excellent ability to change and adapt. If a part of the brain isn’t working properly, then it doesn’t have to stay that way. We can improve existing neural pathways that have been damaged by stroke or maybe train healthy areas of the brain to perform tasks.

Positive change for everyone

We help people living In so many ways like neurological, mental health, and development conditions.

Our vision of seeing beyond the conditions.

we do work with so many conditions but our core belief is that conditions are labeled sometimes helpful and sometimes not. we always look beyond that label into your brain to see what is truly driving the symptoms and then do our stroke treatment.